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CCSZD Won the Bid for Xiyuan Hospital Project of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jan 11,2019

Recently, ccszd won the bid for the fire safety and energy saving system renovation project of Xiyuan Hospital Ward Building of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The project is located in Xiyuan playground street, Haidian district, Beijing, near the university town. it is a renovation project for people's livelihood, involving the decoration, intelligence, water supply and drainage, fire fighting and electrical engineering of the ward building. upon completion, it will greatly improve the hospitalization conditions of patients.  Tao Shengfa, chairman of China Construction Decoration Group, said: " Xiyuan Hospital Project should be done with heart, emotion and refinement so that every hospitalized patient, family member and medical worker can feel the warmth from China Construction Decoration Group".  In the 40 years since the reform and opening up, CCSZD, as a pioneer in the decoration industry, has led the trend of the times in the decoration industry. Under the guidance of Tao Shengfa, chairman of the group, CCSZD won the bid for the old renovation project of Xiyuan Hospital's people's livelihood, which is the first project undertaken by CCSZD with general contracting qualification. It is enough to go down in the history of the group and become a banner of Beijing's public bidding market.

The new era starts a new journey. CCSZD will not forget its " heart" at the beginning. It will carry forward the " Xiong 'an Spirit" under the guidance of the group's ingenuity and quality. While sticking to the quality, CCSZD will continuously expand the space for happiness, truly build the livelihood project into a popular project and fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises.

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